Sunday, September 15, 2013

Yaku Japanese Grill

If you're hungry and craving for some japanese food, theres this place over at The Podium in Ortigas I highly recommend. Yaku is one of the best Japanese restaurant that has probably the best Salmon sashimi i ever tasted! Its sooo good. Its soft and tender. You can tell that the fish is really fresh! 

Their sizzling seafood platter is also one of the best! It's a mix of seafood goodness ! Shrimps, pusit, and some clams all mixed together and cooked in this sizzling hotplate. Its really delicious! Definitely one of my favorites! I also love their fried rice! Its so good, you can eat it on its own! 

They also have this BBQ platter which has different kinds of grilled japanese favorites. There are actually names on each of those but unfortunately im too hungry to remember. One of them is quail eggs grilled.. some porb bbqs, and i think the one on the farmost right is some kind of a fish you can only have in japanese restaurants.. it's so delicious! It kinda made me feel im in Tokyo! 

Now for dessert, they have this freshly carved apples and oranges! The chef who made these has one serious skill with the paring knife! Looks really good. I like the swans actually.. that one in the middle. Its really something! 

Even the interior is fabulous. You can see the true feel of a japanese restaurant all over the place. Furniture, the paintings, the lamps, the kitchenwares.. its a remarkable japanese experience out here. This is a great place to bring your date, your family or your barkadas if you wish to have something japanese in mind.. Im sure you will love your dining experience here. So if you have time and if you happen to drop by at Podium, you might want to go to Yaku and taste their finest japanese dishes. Even their "dilis" as their appetizer tastes delicious! I also love their tea. :) 

I wanna thank Sir Arthur and his staff for enlighting us with their delicious dishes. They were so accommodating and very hospitable! Thanks guys!  Also to Pawie of Ensogo, thank you for helping me with the photoshoot. Till next time.  

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