Friday, September 6, 2013

Chew and Brew Cafe

 Theres this restaurant at Perea Street in Makati called Chew and Brew and i tell you, they serve one of the best cheesecakes ever! Perfect dessert for that really delicious steak! The steak is delicious as well! I love it medium rare coz it brings out that goodness of the meat. Best served with wine on the side! :) 

 Their cheesecakes are just delicious. Every single bite of this luscious cheesecake spells goodness! Its not that sweet and its not that salty as well. I enjoyed this 

They have a very neat place as well.  I love their interior designing. Its very modern and very stylish. Dining here is a treat! Most of their customers are the employees around ayala who wish to have a nice lunch or have a good meryenda. Love the food here. How i wish this place was already around the area when i was still working at Enterprise Center. Its just a short walk away. 

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