Monday, October 12, 2009

A Long Stressful Weekend

HTP Thanksgiving Mass for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy
saturday, october 9, 2009

HTP Youth with Bro. Lando
friday, october 9, 2009

saturday, october 9, 2009

QCAA Saturday , Diliman Prep. vs St. Vincent
Saturday, october 10, 2009

Jubilee Girls Basketball Team, QCAA, Last ellimination game
saturday, october 10, 2009

Ateneo vs St. Patrick, QCAA
saturday, october 11, 2009

Its already 5PM and i havent started anything yet except for a couple of forum commenting. I still have a long way to go. I arrived at the office and my officemates told me that internet connection was down. I was half excited and half depressed. Excited coz if the connection wont come up, we'll gonna go home early and thats cool! Mall tour! Depressed coz., i could have just stayed home and sleep the whole day. Do some of my chores.. (Just hoping its not raining coz my clothes are left hanging out in the open). Right after lunch time, internet came back and we're online again. (Too bad coz i was already watching Slumdog Millionaire). Break is over and its time to go back to work. Isnt it?

These weekend is really stressful. Friday night, we had a thanksgiving mass at Holy Trinity Parish for the volunteers who helped the victims of Typhoon Ondoy. I also presented the video that Jan and I just made. Im glad people liked it. We took a lot of effort to make it thats why its really special :) After the mass, we had dinner and everybody was happy. Im so thankful for the youth who helped a lot and even more for all the people who donated their extras and money for the needy. Cash proceeds is almost 2 million pesos and relief goods are still pouring in. God bless the people who never get tired in helping our brothers and sisters.

Saturday and Sunday, is game days in QCAA. First game after the flood and the kids are all excited. I myself is excited. For some of these kids, its their last time to shine in QCAA. Most of them are seniors and ready to graduate. Been shooting as early as 8am and we went home around 7pm. What a long day. my ring finger cramped up coz of my camera. Its getting heavy already after the last stretch of the games. But it was cool. Its fun. Really had a great time capturing smiles of these wonderful athletes. In a way, through my pictures, i am already a part of their history. Who knows, they may become big stars someday.

What a long week it was for photography. For the past threedays., my camera seems like an extension of my hand. And its great.. doing something you love and touching people's hearts. Its really rewarding. This is probably a job that id never get tired of. I hope i can have a career in doing photography for the rest of my life.

Have a great week everybody.

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all photos taken by mac centeno

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