Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Spent the new year with Janel, my sister. Its kinda sad since we are the only ones left at home. But not that long, an hour past after 12, people are starting to come and we are all havin a great time.

First one to arrive was cathy. She's responsible for the tanduay ice. Its awesome. Love it. Then i fetched Abby at their place. Actually when i got at their house, her dad gave me a glass of brandy and handed me the coke! Then we started to have a conversation about wines and other booze which he tasted around the world. Abby's dad, I can say hes an expert. I asked him what brand of brandy is his favorite, he said, it depends on which country are you in... but i do love brandy from France... in my head i just said. "wow".

As we arrived home, I asked my neighbor friends to drop by. From left, theres macky, kenneth, Pv and Kiko. They filled the place with laughs and silly rambling thoughts thanks to Kiko. I dunno about this picture it seems they are look wasted even before we started drinking!

Then coach weng arrived. He said he almost puked his brains out since our other neighbor just invited him over and gave him some hardcore booze. Good thing coz coach weng is not with his normal self coz he's really quiet and quite toned down which is very unlikely of him. But then again., there are moments that he'd just explode like the one in the picture. haha.

The night was amazing. Everyone is full. Everyone is all boozed up. Then our other neighbor, Joy, came and brought some food! I dunno what this is but its one hell of a dish. Its so good. I think it tastes like chicken... =)

Happy New Year everyone! Hope your fingers are still intact! Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

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