Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tao Yuan by New Peach Blossoms

When you hear about Peach Blossoms, it’s one of those restaurants who is an icon in the food industry. It’s been there for so many years that every time I go to SM North EDSA, I see their restaurant still standing amidst the growing number of establishments growing around it. Talk about Trinoma Mall in front of you. 

They opened another restaurant called Tao Yuan along congressional avenue. It's not your usual kind of chinese restaurant. Instead of color hues of red and gold, this restaurant is in shades of baby blue and pink! Yes you heard it right! It has this chaby chic feel that you will definitely love.  

They also have this really delicious Malunggay Shake! When I saw this in their posters.. i was instantly intrigued how its like... That time i was really thirsty and I gave it a try!  And yes. It was really delicious! It has those Malunggay bits in it and it's made with cream. 

You got to try their pancit! It's one of the best miki bihon pancit i ever had! It has this sweet smooth taste. It has this flavor that wants you to have more! You have to try it to appreciate it! 

Their fried chicken is delicious as well! It's crunchy and very tasty. They have this sweet and sour sauce available for this one but i want it without any. I just love as it is. Try it guys. 

Tao Yuan by New Peach Blossoms  is located at Chimes Square in Congressional Extension. It's a new place and very accessible. Great environment as well. It's not that congested and it has this village like feel..away from busy streets, high traffic and congested buildings. Feel free to visit their facebook page for more information. 

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