Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Red Wall

We have this dark red wall in our office that caught my attention. Since our ceilings are white, if i point my speedlight straight on top, the light will just bounce from top all the way to the background. Creating a gradient-like effect on the subject's background.

I tried shooting with my crazy officemates and got amazed with the results. Instant studio-like background right at the heart of our office.

I noticed that i have to move back a little in order to get a better shot. If i come a little closer, the background will be brighter. But when you stepback a little, the back has this bold, deep red color

Officemates are flocking in and they love the effect of the photos. Its an instant photobooth!

Off course our very daring CSR / Make-up artist shows her curves

pose for the camera! :)

Hero and Donna. Hero claimed theyr like very close sister.. hehe

Edu suddenly came flashing in as i was framing the girls.

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