Friday, April 8, 2011

Going to Work

8am. Im on my way to work. After yesterday's shoot, i went straight home. Bringing along the camera with me. Bringing along an expensive camera that is not mine kinda freaks me out a little. But then again, photography is breaking all barriers. A force to be reckoned with. Still shooting at will but with caution.

Im always amazed with lines. Everytime I walk by these stairs at the mrt station, i alaways wish i have a camera with me. Fascinates me with no reason. Cropped this one out. Made it slimmer. Making it more interesting.

Now this is my favorite sight every morning. Those monster girders and shafts showing those leading lines. This shot was really quick coz its a crowded area and shooting at this place is prohibited. (Guards with high powered rifles are always on standby God knows what are they trying to protect).

Just everyday scenes that fascinates me. It may be nothing to you but a thing of beauty to me...

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