Monday, April 4, 2011

1st Photo by D7K

This is my 1st descent shot using the Nikon D7000 that I had just bought earlier at Henry's Professional at Glorietta 5. The camera is more like my camera but on steroids! Its really nice. Focus points are enormous. And the burst mode is overwhelming! (6 frames per second).

Im just glad we have a new camera. I can use 2 different lenses now with 2 separate bodies. The thing that i noticed about this camera is that, the body is not as smooth as the D90. its kinda rough in texture.. I think its not made with a different material. But all in all., this is a really nice camera and i believe Niko (my D90) and "Enso" will work perfectly fine together.

By the way., my model's name is Nikos, He's our production coordinator and he's my first model for ensogo's new camera. I also used the new Nikon SB600 and the Yongnuo wireless flash trigger.

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