Monday, April 4, 2011

One Fine Sunday with the Olartes

Its Beb Abby's Birthday celebration with her family and we had lunch at Zongs over at Centris. Its really nice having them all together. We ordered our favorites like the shrimp with soft tofu., braised beef, hakaw and more.. I just love dining at Zong's. Their food is great, healthy coz their food is MSG free and the price is reasonable as well.

Family picture of the Olarte Family. Like I said, its really nice having them all together coz it happens once in a while. :)

these mushroom-like structures at Centris never fail to amaze me. I just love the architectural design of this place

After lunch, we went to the Sunday Market.

Took a photo of abs... i just love her smiling and giggling.. =)

Abby and her sister Van, searching for the finest herbs. Good cooking runs along the family and they are meticulous with the ingredients that they use.

Saw this dog along the way and i so want him... this is a cross-breed between a Chow-Chow and a Siberian Husky. His coat is so thick and his body is not that chubby like the usual chow-chows. If only i had 9k that time., i could have brought him home....

I really had a great time.. spending lunch with Tito Ben, Tita Nellie, Van, Neil and of crs Abs. Its really nice having quality time with them. Good times. :)

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