Thursday, April 7, 2011

Office Portraits

I wanted to test out the new Yongnuo wireless trigger for the SB-600 and luckily i have my models who volunteered for my shoot. :) The venue is beside the elevator door just along the hallway of our office.

This is Renz. He's one of our graphic's designer. I placed the strobe front right of the model and set it up on 1/16 with a stoffen flash diffuser.

Liyo on the other hand is on his way to the comfort room when we barged him over and asked him to pose. Without further ado, he posed for us and gave him an instant portrait.

Of course, Ensogo's very own, Ms. Aki who stood with such beauty.

Love the new trigger and the flash and of course the Nikon D7000. This camera is a thing of beauty. Im off now on a photoshoot and im using the camera for the 1st time for a merchant shoot. I also brought along my 50mm, my shutter release cable and the stoffen diffuser just in case. Wish me luck!

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