Monday, April 4, 2011

Moments at Mr.Kabab

After jogging at UP, we were so starved that we need to help ourselves replenish our hunger. We went to Mr. Kabab at Techno Hub. Along with Rits and Ron, Shawarma gave our food miseries to an end.

Had a glimpse of Kanin Club and people are starting to pour in, waiting in lines just to get a table. Cant blame them. Kanin Club is one of the best places to dine at techno hub. Their crispy dinuguan is the best I ever tasted so far.

I just love when Ron is sharing stories. He's really bubbly and entertaining. We almost forgot about our yogurt shakes after all the "juicy" bits of information Ron shared to us. Its a night filled with laughter, excitement and revelations...

As always., abby looks so pretty with her teal blue nails. :)

I ordered the shawarma plate with extra rice. If you havent tried Mr. Kabab's shawarma, well you should give it a visit coz the food here is really nice. Its not that expensive as well and the place is really nice. Dont forget to try their Yogurt shakes. Its really good.

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