Saturday, April 2, 2011

Good Times at The 4th

Had a great night drinking lastnight. Pao just got promoted and what a way to celebrate his promotion by drinking the night away with the BBFs at Agnes' place at their rooftop! We had a bottle of Jack Daniels and Bacardi 151 and over-flowing beer. Agnes ordered some chicken and Mojo potatoes for pulutan. I really love hanging out at Agnes' rooftop, a.k.a " The 4th" (4th floor), because its windy cool, nice and cozy. Chillin along with good music and great laughs...

Thanks Pao for the Jack! I just love Jack and Coke. We should definitely do this more often. (photo by Ron Ferrer)

And as the day ended, and so as pao. I think he dranked a lot.. thanks pao! Congratulations again!

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