Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Puregold and Dad

Pansol,Laguna, Philippines 2008 © Mac Centeno

Puregold and Dad / December 2008

This is probably one of the most dramatic photo I ever took. I took this when we were in Pansol Laguna. The man is looking at his kids (i think) while they are swimming. I was way afar from him. This is like a paparazzi shot actually. I used a Nikkor 200mm VR lens on a Nikon D40X on this one. I desaturated the color to add more drama. I dont know what this man is thinking. I dunno if he's sad or happy looking at his kids. Maybe he's happy for having a great family coz his kids and other relatives are having a great time. Sometimes when you're too happy., you tend to be emo and i think this sir here has his emo moments. What a great day.

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